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HOT! Window Cleaning

Our advanced HOT Water Reach & Wash system means that your windows are always sparkling clean and grime free... Hot cleans better than cold - so why continue when you can have cleaner windows, quicker. We have invested in advanced technology hot reach and wash systems.

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With over 20 years experience, cleaning windows in the Portsmouth/South East Hampshire Region. We're a name you can trust. Many of our clients have used our services for years - Recommended!. We won't let you down - Reliable! With clients like Goodwood Festival of Speed, Britanny Ferries and Portsmouth FC - Rated!

Vacuum Gutter Cleaning - view the video

The most overlooked area of any property is the gutters, you will be surpised how often they need cleaning... We don't just clean your gutters - we vacuum clean your gutters. Our advanced Vacuum Gutter cleaning system removes stubborn detritis, leaves and accumulated soil. You can even see it on our video monitor!

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Its easy to forget about the gutters, but over the years leaves, dust and a variety of wind born debris, accumiulate in your gutters. Stopping the fficeined run off of rain water. Its often not until its too late that you realise your gutters are blocked. Regular cleaning will prevent blockages and maintain the integrity of the buildings.

Pressure Washing External Areas - Request a Demonstration

Expert pressure wash cleaning is essential for all outside areas, walkways, patios, decking and driveways, leave it to the expert... Pressure washing is not a simple case of point and spray. The pressure can seriously affect the subsstrate youre washing. Get it wrong and could cause more damage than you realise.

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We offer an expert Pressure Washing service for drives, paving and patios. In fact any external area which requires a gentle but abrasive clean will be dealt with pressure washing. But be aware its importnat to know who to apply and guage the pressure so domyt cause damage inadvertantly. Before you start why not call us for advice - it's important to ensure your pressure washing is carried out professionally!

Fascias, Soffits & Cladding Cleaning

Value the integrity of the walls of you property by keeping the soffits and fascias clean and well maintained... Closely associated with Gutter Cleaning ensuring your Soffits and Fascias are clean not only enhances the appearance of the property but has an important structural benefit.

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Cladding is used increasingly more on new and existing properties. Overtime dust and detristis will accumulate and affect the appearnace of the cladding. As with Soffits and Fascias maintianing the appearnce of the external washable surfaces only serves to enhance the appaearnce of the building. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your soffits, fascias and cladding is a must!

Advanced Gutter-Vac

Cleeve Facility Services Limited (CFS Ltd) Are pleased to offer our customers the very latest technology in Gutter Cleaning.
Our award-winning, specially modified and time efficient, high-level cleaning systems have been developed for a wide range of external and internal environments. This unique system enable one person standing on the ground to efficiently and safely clean gutters and internal high level areas up to a previously inconceivable 12 metres - the height of a standard four-storey building

Impressive! Just view the video to see!

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