CFS Low Cost Cladding Cleaning Services

The increased popularity of Cladding with home and property owners means that we are having to clean them more, and as always we are more than happy to oblige, this is why we have now introduced our Low Cost Cladding Cleaning Service.

Similar to a lot of our other services, cladding can really help to improve the external appearance of any building, however it does need to be cleaned regularly. This is as dust and debris builds on the cladding over time, causing stains and markings. And the best way to prevent this is to regularly clean it with a high pressure cleaning system. This is where our Reach & Wash system comes in, it helps keep your building in pristine condition.


Minimum charge - £40 + VAT
(all prices quoted below are indicative only)


Inside Gutter Cleaning

Outer Gutter, Fascia and Soffit Cleaning

Two Storeys

£3 per meter

£3.50 per meter

Three Storeys

£4 per meter

£4.50 per meter

Four Storeys

£5 per meter

£5.50 per meter